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  • AIRMAX Hydronic Systems

    The MAXAIR™ product line is avaiable in three models: 30, 50, 70 & 100, providing efficient capacity for a wide range of applications. The new MAXAIR™e series comes with an Electrically Commuted Motor (ECM) providing additional improvements in both energy efficiency and comfort levels.

    MAXAIR™ comes with one of the most extensive warranties in the business: 1-year parts and labour, 2-years on parts only where applicable.

    We provide you with the quietest operating air handler available. By using large capacity, high output heating coils, our product delivers more heating per volume of air than any of our competitors, which means warmer delivered air temperatures. All these features add up to warmer, more comfortable air, quiet operation, and a satisfied customer.

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  • AIRMAX High Velocity Mini Ducted Systems

    The MAXAIR™ product line of High Velocity Mini Ducted Systems are specifically designed for use in single and multi tennant residential and commercial applications. Our air handlers are the smallest units available in their capacity range. The design provides flexibility in installation options resulting in small space requirements.

    All MAXAIR™ installations come with the FLEXAIR™ mini ducted system. FLEXAIR™ provides for easy installation and full flexibility in vent locations.

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  • AIRMAX Low Velocity Fan Coil Systems

    The MAXAIR™ LV line of combo air handlers is specifically designed for use in residential and commercial combination space and water heating systems. Combo heating systems use the home's water heater or boiler to provide both the space heating and domestic hot water, eliminating the need for a furnace. Water heaters or boilers can be purchased from a wholesale supplier, rented from your Gas Utility, or purchased from AIRMAX Technologies as part of a complete heating package.

    With MAXAIR™ Low Velocity systems vents can be located in low traffic areas on the floor, walls, or ceiling, or in a kick space.

    MAXAIR™ Low Velocity systems applications include retrofit construction to add heating, cooling, humidification, or filtration to a building and new construction to deliver air throughout the entire building envelope.

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